Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Does $125 Get You? -- Target Edition

I love Target. I know, you think, who wouldn't ? Rafe and Proenza Schouler abound, but it isn't just the biggest, newest designers that get me excited to go to the store or browse the website. It really is design for less. I've fallen hook, line, and sinker for their tag line. (Someone give that Target account manager at FILL IN THE BLANK advertising agency a raise!). So, how much could $125 get me at Target? Quite a few things. How could any style loving woman not get excited in the face of these?

Enough patent to satisfy the trend, not so much to make me ashamed if I use this next spring:

Knockoffs of the Christian Louboutin wedges abound and Target's are some of the cutest:

And if you're loving yellow for the spring:

If ever there was a bag to haul to the beach, this would be it:

Maybe for work... definitely for fun:

1 comment:

Bluenana said...

I was just at Target last night for some essentials before my St. Louis trip (blech!!!) and I've gotta tell ya: that tulip print bag and the half basket Rafe bag are SO MUCH CUTER IN PERSON!

I'm definitely buying some Rafe this weekend.