Thursday, April 26, 2007

Style from Across the Pond

I think I'm officially an Anglophile. From the tube to Borough market to the use of "pardon," London was definitely calling me. British women are particularly infatuated with the '80s and I still have mixed feelings about leggings (I don't really envision them on me and only occasionally like them on other women). With oft threatened rain, something those Brit girls do exceedingly well are jackets. In the behemoth that is Topshop, I found a jacket to bring out the British in me (although even cuter in the kelly green I bought):

A trip to Europe not in the budget for this year? The States still has style. Brilliant!

1 comment:

moonrat said...

the rainbow jacket is excellent. the challenge is that it's not brown (and if it's not brown, how will it hide the chocolate stains?).